freelance work | 2017 – 2019


In 2017 a friend i High School/ Gymnasium asked me if i wanted to design the front-page of his matura project. He liked what he saw, and as it turned out, not only did he. The fact that I did his poster quickly got around and I ended up designing 8 others. The opportunity to design something that was going to be printed was a huge motivation boost and I learned a lot.


Finix Photography and Al ar my own logos. I used Finix as the Brand when i photographed on events. And i think Al needs no explanation.

Anouk Wohlgemuth is the Logo of my Mothers Medical Office.

Praxis im Sihltor is a logo for a Dentists Office in Adliswil, Zurich

Karin Solenthaler is the Logo i made for my final practical assignement. Karin is a Life Coach based in Zurich.


My girlfriend wrote a little short-story about a girl and her grandfather as a gift for her mother’s birthday. The story turned out to be quite awesome. She also made some illustrations for the small book and I did the layout for the whole story.


Phases is a song my buddy Naj from Bern wrote. I had the opportunity to produce the song and design the cover-art for all the streaming services. You can listen to it here.

Habitus is a song of a friend from Zurich. It’s a Techno song he produced. The song is still in production.

Transformation is the title of the debut album of Elias Forster. Elias is a young singer/songwriter based in Zurich. I had the honor to produce the last song on the album named “Story”. Check it out here.

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